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2012-08-05 19:38:44
Haunted UT Real Estate for Sale? It's only a story
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DISCLOSURE - This listing might be HAUNTED!!

The following article was written and published awhile back, This property is now back on the Utah Real Estate market. I was scolded for suggesting that we would ever list a haunted property in Utah for sale and reminded that there is no such things as Haunted properties. I just want to remind all. The ST. Annes Retreat is not at all Haunted, the property may need some work, be a bit scary at night, but it is definitely NOT HAUNTED!

  To tell this story right, I must go back to 1984. Twenty seven years ago. Sounds like forever, but I remember this event so vividly that it seems like last week.  I was 16 years old. I had a driver's license, an old pick-up truck, dashing good looks, (my story), two of the best friends in the world and not a bit of fear or common sense amongst us. We had heard about a place not so far away, a scary place, a place no man should go alone. A haunted nunnery! Well this was just too much adventure for the three of us to turn down!  We planned for a week. We secured flashlights, batteries, a head lamp, a few snacks in case we had to hole up for awhile. Saturday night finally arrived and we headed out after dark. We drove the 30 miles or so to the mouth of Logan Canyon. We stopped at a rest area and prepared mentally. We then traveled the remaining 7 miles to the turn out for nunnery. We turned the lights out and shut the engine down. The 3 of us sat quietly letting our eyes adjust to the darkness of the canyon. Finally, our leader, and bravest comrade opened the door and we all followed suit. We tip toed quietly down the driveway, slowly and carefully we climbed the fence. We were just inside the gate and not feeling as tough as before. The moonlight and the shadows were playing tricks on our eyes and had us all on edge. We were exploring the complex as there were several buildings and old cabins surrounding the perimeter. My friend stepped on to the porch and immediately some kind of chatter and ruckus began. The ghost had arrived! My friend on the porch let out a squeal and passes me on a dead run. This buddy was not known for his speed, but he could have beaten Jesse Owens on that night. We didn't stop until we hit the truck, had the doors locked and the motor running. To this day I'm not sure what we were running from nor do I remember scaling the fence at the entrance to the property on our hasty retreat. We convinced ourselves of the ghost and confirmed with our other friends that didn't make the trip. That nunnery was haunted. I hadn't thought of this event in many, many years.   

    Many of you who actually read this may be wondering how this story is at all relevant to UTAH Real Estate.  Lets fast forward to three months ago at our weekly team meeting for Linda Secrist and Associates in Salt Lake City, UT.  Our leader and mentor, Linda Secrist was excited. She had just listed the most unique property. Linda said she had met with a client at a property in Logan Canyon. I said, oh, I love Logan canyon. I learned to fish, ski, I went to scout camp, I have hiked and rode ATVS all over that Canyon. Did you know there is even a Haunted nunnery up that canyon? Haunted? Linda asked. I don't think it is haunted she said, but, it would make a wonderful corporate retreat, a Bed and Breakfast or just a great family vacation home. The property is located on 2.58 acres with a forest service lease/permit. She continues with, remarks about the river running through the property, it has 5 small cabins and a 2 story lodge, a pool, total seclusion in a gorgeous mountain setting. I sat there listening and started to remember that night long ago. I think it's haunted I said.  Haunted? I don't think its haunted Linda said again, but the property was once owned by the Catholic Church. The St. Anne retreat and it's owner's have hosted many famous guests from Hollywood stars government leaders and business heads. It is only 10 minutes from Logan, UT. A narrow bridge crosses the river and leads down a path to a gate.  I remember the gate I said. Once again I was ignored, the home and cabins all need repairs but the property has so much potential, it is truly one of a kind and priced at only $799,000. I wonder, is the property really haunted? I doubt it. I have heard some stories, but, it's always just some crazy talk from a raccoon and three 16 year old punk kids. I guess it depends on who is telling the story.  For more information on this property or to contact the listing agent, visit the website www.LindaSecrist.com. This article is based on my recollection and memory. The names have been omitted to keep my friends reputations solid.







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