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2016-08-11 10:42:13
10 Small Details That Will Help Your Kitchen


Do you browse through home decor magazines and turn green with envy at the kitchen pages? Wouldn’t it be nice to cook every day in one of those lavish, dream kitchens? Sure, it would. But your bank account probably won’t allow you to spend all the money you would need to get that perfect cooking oasis. But there are ways you can update your kitchen, helping you feel more organized and happy while you whip up those tasty meals. Read below for some easy – and cheap – ways to improve your kitchen and make it stand out!

Help Your Kitchen Stand Out

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1. Lighting

If the lighting in your kitchen area is dim or just plain boring, change it up. You can buy a cheap light fixture at IKEA or shop around for a cool one-of-a-kind fixture at some vintage shops. You can also add in some under-cabinet lighting to help transform your room into a warm and inviting space. 

2. Drawer and Shelf Liners

Want to put a smile on your face every time you open up your cupboards or pull out your kitchen drawers? Try using liners to give these spaces some pop. A lot of liners come in white but try using different coloued, funky ones that will make you feel happy every time you open them. Adding these liners will also force you to take everything out of the cupboards and drawers so you will get the perfect opportunity to clean them out. 

 3. Area Rug

Adding a rug to any room makes it instantly feel warm and welcoming. If you can’t afford to add new tiles or hardwood to the area, opt for a cool rug. Your room will instantly change its look. The cool thing about a rug is that they are inexpensive so you can change them every season – a bright one for summer and spring and a cooler color for winter and fall. 

4. Hardware

This is one of the best ways to transform the look of any room – replacing the knobs and pulls. If they are old and drab, look for something a little more shiny or funky. Adding this little decorative touch doesn’t have to be expensive either. And the best part is that you will have a huge selection to choose from at any hardware store. 

5. Drawer Organizers

If you have a small kitchen and are feeling cramped, adding in pull-out shelves or drawer organizers is a great way to gain extra space. You can buy these at IKEA or any hardware store and install them yourself. By organizing all the stuff you have in your kitchen you will instantly free up counter top space and leave you feeling a little more in control of your cooking area. 

6. Dish Rack

Anyone who lives without a dishwasher knows the importance of having a good, solid dish rack. Cheap ones will break and look awful sitting on your counter. Invest a little extra money and purchase one that matches your decor and is sturdy enough to handle all your dishes for years to come. 

7. Wallpaper

That’s right, wallpaper is back in. And with so many colors and designs to choose from, you will have a lot of fun decorating the walls in your kitchen. For the best stand-out look, choose one wall to accent with a fun and bold wallpaper choice. You could install some shelving on top of the wallpaper to display some of your favorite tea cups and plates. Anyone who walks into your kitchen will notice how fun and unique the area looks. 

8. Tiles

Adding a backsplash to your entire kitchen can be quite costly. But that’s not to say you can’t do it. Simply choose one small area – the space behind your stove, for example, and install some cool, funky tiles. With so many designs to choose from nowadays, the hardest part of this project will be selecting just one type of tile. If that’s the case, mix it up and add in a bunch of different designs and colors. If you can afford it, do some fun colors all the way around. Or, if you’re looking to bring in more natural light, why not create a glass backsplash, which is water resistant and easy to clean. It’s your kitchen, so why not make it speak to your style? 


9. Paint

We all know that rooms instantly change their look with a fresh coat of paint, right? Well, the kitchen is no exception. If you really want to change the look of your kitchen paint your cabinets, walls and ceiling. You can paint them all the same color to make it feel more luxurious. Or, have some fun with it and paint the cabinets one color and the walls and ceiling another. Just ask an employee at the hardware store for paint options that are best for cupboards. 

10. Rustic Look

To help make your kitchen look a little more rustic, try adding a shelf above your window or the passageway between rooms to display your olive oil bottles. Or, try taking out some of the cabinet doors in your island and adding in some wicker baskets to store your groceries in. Both of these ideas will draw visitors eyes to the area and give your kitchen that rustic look you want.

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