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2011-06-02 22:59:26
Something for ' ALMOST ' Nothing

Something for ' ALMOST ' Nothing?

I've spent the last few months writing..( did I say writing? I meant blogging. I am not a writer and my blogs give testimony to that) about Salt Lake Real Estate! All of my blogging efforts have had a topic, a theme. They have all focused on Key Words, locations we serve and Real Estate relevant content.. I have worked hard to create blogs that will help with our SEO.. Not really focused on blogging with any creative or award winning style. I have used my blogs as content for our websites and I have enjoyed watching them pull up in google searches..

NOT THIS TIME!! I am serious... No matter how hard it is going to be, I will not tell you about the new DRAPER HOME FOR SALE that was listed by Linda Secrist and Associates just this week. I am more complex than what my blogging history indicates. I have other interests. I have topics other than Real Estate. I have stories to tell that have nothing to do with buying or selling a home! Give me a minute please!


Al-right, Al-right, you got me... If I am not blogging about Real Estate.. 'I GOT NOTHING'. I've hit the wall.. So be it. 'Seinfield' crafted the phrase ' A Show About Nothing'and it did quite well! So this is it.. My Blog about nothing. I mean really... Now that I have warmed up my fingers and my Keyboard, Real Estate topics are flooding my mind. I am committed now and I am not going there.. No way am I going to tell you about the 2 bank owned homes in Herriman that I saw yesterday. ( Not Yet Anyway) This blog is about nothing. It's harder on me than it is on you .... Seriously, I really want to say something about the current reports I've read about the 'Double Dip' our nations housing market is experiencing. I sure have noticed many new construction projects in both residential and commercial starting up around the valley.... STOP!!!!, (that's a new blog on a different day.)


Don't Cry, Don't panic.. Although I am enjoying the clicking sound my keyboard is making.. This can't last forever. If I refuse to blog about Real Estate you know I will soon be stalled out. I can tell you about my children's last week of school and the programs that were presented this week and that I was able to attend. I can describe the excitement I am feeling about a upcoming family reunion or my Lake Powell fishing trip! What I want to tell you about is the fabulous Open houses we have planned for this weekend but I won't. I am not going to mention any trips with clients to look at homes in Herriman or South Jordan. I won't tell you about a short sale that has lender approval and just needs a offer in Sandy. ( call me on that one) This Blog is about nothing and I mean for it to stay that way! Now that I am on rolll the I even got a title ' Something for Nothing' I know it is a strange title and I probably will never see this blog pull in any Google searches but just to relax a bit and not try to hard has given me a new direction. Just wait for the next several blogs I post . I've got something FRESH to go with next time.


So this is where I end the madness.. Why would I even try to blog about nothing? It doesn't make sense! I've got to end this fast. I love Real Estate... I am a Realtor in Salt Lake! I will always find something to write/blog about.. Real Estate is everywhere. It consumes the majority of my waking hours. It actually makes me laugh a little. To think I started this blog 45 minutes ago not having any Ideas or topics. I am walking away with several fantastic topics and new blogging ideas. Let me just end this by apologizing. I am sorry you had to endure these rantings and ramblings but that is sometimes the price one pays for seeking 'something for nothing'. I don't consider this a waste of my time.. and I hope you will check back often for bigger, better and badder blogs.






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